Healthy Vacationing 101 

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Finally… summer vacation is on the horizon! It’s time to let loose, relax, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In the spirit of the celebration, many of us may find ourselves over-indulging and taking a break from healthy habits. And why shouldn’t we? We are on vacation, after all! However, too much of a good thing can leave us feeling weighed-down and depleted by the time we get back home. So, how can we enjoy a great summer break without feeling deprived? Here are a few tips for having a fun vacation and returning rested and refreshed.

Plan an active trip

Whether you’re hiking the Grand Canyon or just taking a family trip to the beach, there are many ways to incorporate fun physical activities into your day. Opt for taking a self-guided walking tour in lieu of a bus, or rent a bike to explore a new town. Use your vacation to engage in an activity that you may not have tried previously, such as parasailing, paddle boarding, ballroom dancing, horseback riding, etc.  If you’re a regular at the gym, look at hotels ahead of time to check what sort or fitness facilities they offer. 

Indulge mindfully

Try to keep most of your meals light and healthy, and save space for treats. When you decide to splurge on a meal, take the time to truly savor it. Take in your surroundings, engage all your senses. Stay away from the buffet. If that isn’t feasible, be sure to keep portions in check, eat plenty of fresh veggies, and be choosy about which higher calorie items you’ll put on your plate. Pack healthy snacks and be sure to drink plenty of water. Also, be careful with liquid calories. Many cocktails and other adult beverages can pack a surprisingly high calorie load in a single drink.

Enjoy time with friends and family

Summer vacation is a great time to reconnect with loved ones and recharge yourself. Whether you’re travelling across the globe or having a “staycation”, keep your focus on the things that truly matter in your life. You’ll thank yourself when you return home, feeling better both physically and mentally.




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